A Very Merry Cookie Contest

A brand new holiday immersive experience set in the New England town of Meadowlark Falls where Christmas and small town charm is a way of life. This December, the Holly Jolly Winter Festival’s Cookie Contest is offering more than bragging rights and a shiny ribbon. The winner wins a paid internship with Cooper Realty in the Big City. 


Jenny sees this contest as a ticket out of the syrupy sweet small town and into an exciting new life. But will her super secret gingerbread cookie recipe be enough to beat her sophisticated rival Whitney? And if she does win, can she really leave behind Grandma Genevieve, her best friend Andy, and her blossoming new love?


You’ll spend this 1-hour immersive experience in the Meadowlark Falls General Store and Bakery. Amid the magical moments and songs, you’ll be offering love advice, holiday wisdom, and showing off your cookie decorating (and tasting) skills.

Workshops performances are happening this

December with a longer run in Winter 2020! 

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