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This year,
wish for a warm and cozy Rom-Com in the mail! 

Get the feel-good Holiday Adventure delivered to your doorstep!

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What is The Very Merry Christmas Contest?

Part postal-play, part online-adventure, told through a charming interactive scrapbook, notes, photos, audio, and home video as YOU become a judge for the Top Elf Trials.


A handmade, 40 page scrapbook that tells the tale of The Top Elf Trials through photos, notes and other ephemera.

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Two hours of video and audio moments on our interactive website.


The Very Merry Christmas Contest Kit comes with:


Within each book are areas for personalization, creating your very own keepsake for the holiday season.

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Ticket Price: $75 + $15 Shipping

All packages shipped via USPS 
Shipping, tax + $3 handling  fee are added at checkout


In Meadowlark Falls, the Christmas season isn’t complete without the annual Christmas Festival - well except for last year when the whole shebang was cancelled. This year the festivities are back with the candiest canes, the hottest of hot cocoa and - of course - The Top Elf Trials! Our very own Jenny Snow - city council member and Top Elf Champ - will compete to keep the title over the Big City newcomer, Whitney Blanc. Which contestant has what it takes to win the Silver Bells Trophy and the title of Top Elf 2022? And which one has other ideas…


Told through an interactive scrapbook, notes, photos, audio, and home video, follow along as our host Genevieve Snow - owner of the general Store and town Nana - guides you through this merry adventure. Visit the online town map to learn more about the characters, discover the mystery of the Yulegarou (a special Christmas Cryptid lurking in the woods on the edge of town), and fall in love as Noel may actually tell Jenny those three little words. 

Only YOU can be the judge of who wins Top Elf this year.

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The Very Merry
Christmas Contest

Welcome to Meadowlark Falls:

Meet the Meadowlark Falls Family


Outstanding Achievement in
Special Delivery Experiences- Nominee

This is a delightful addition to the Meadowlark Falls series that once again captures the charm of a holiday movie while maintaining the love and care of a handcrafted Christmas gift.

— Kevin Gossett, LA Reviews Editor

  • Who is this experience good for?
    This is great for individuals and groups. We consider this an all ages experience, but recommend it for those 10 and up. Some smaller folks may need help with some elements. Participants should have access to a computer or mobile device with internet capabilities for the online content.
  • Can I send this as a gift?
    Sure! If this is a gift, leave a note in your purchase window, and/or email us directly. Please make sure the recipient knows that they will be getting some things in the mail and to be on the lookout! We also reccomend sharing our FAQ page to ensure everything goes smoothly.
  • Can I get more than one?
    Sure! If the items are all going to the same address, make your purchase as one item, making sure to indicate on the shop page what name is assigned to each one. If they are going to separate addresses, you'll need to make each one a separate purchase.
  • How many people can participate?
    The Very Merry Christmas Contest can be enjoyed by single viewers or by small groups in the same space. There are some elements that you can personalize, so you'll have to get your sharing caps on and take turns :)
  • Will I have a renewed/continued sense of holiday cheer?
    We certainly hope so! Although this experience is jam-packed with holiday feel-goodness, please note that the true spirit of the holidays lies within each of us. We are not responsible for holiday spirit overload ;)
  • So there's audio AND video?
    Yup! You can watch or listen on your computer or on your phone while out for a walk. We recommend reading along and engaging with the pages as you listen. But there's no wrong way to experience the show. If you go outside, please mind all local regulations for safety including but not limited to social distancing and mask wearing. Ensure that you are aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • What are any accessibility requirements, and what do I need?"
    Participants should have a desktop/laptop, tablet or mobile device to access the online content. All other content comes via USPS. If you require transcripts or descriptions of videos for all online media, contact us. For the scrapbook element, we encourage you to add in your own ephemera, doodles and notations. This may require things like printed imagery, glue, tape, and various pens and pencils. This is your part of the book to embelish in whatever way you would like!
  • How long does it take to expereince this show?
    The Very Merry Christmas Contest book and accompanying media can be expereinced over a long evening or over several days. It's our intent to create something that you can take your time with, and create your own scrapbook of this holiday season. How much or how little time you spend with this piece is up to you. The video and audio elements with some scrapbook interaction takes approximaely 120 minutes. But you can read and watch at your own pace.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We ship anywhere in the Domestic US.
  • What is your return/refund policy?
    Because of customized elements, we cannot offer returns, exchanges or refunds. We will try to accommodate every order as best we can. Cancellations are available within 48 hours of purchase. You may transfer it to another person, but you must do so BEFORE DECEMBER 5th. Please contact us with any issues or questions not covered in the FAQ before purchasing.
  • Shipping
    The package will be sent via USPS priority mail. These items should arrive within a few days of shipping, but be aware that the postal service may have its own delays. We are not responsible for items lost or stolen during the delivery process, but will try to assist with any issues. Please contact us with concerns.
  • When will I get my packages?
    All of our kits will be sent via USPS priority, and will arrive within a few days of shipping. We will notify you via email when the kit is sent. We appreciate your patience during this tricky time with the USPS, and please let us know if there is any delay. Please ensure your address will be available for all package delivery dates.

Frequently Asked Questions


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