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Who is your secret admirer?

A letter from the past has found you. It is a curious thing, yellowed parchment, bleeding ink, and a wax seal. Do you know anyone from the early to mid-1800s? You don't think so...unless? 


From the lovers at Tin Can Telephone comes Ever Yours, A Secret Admirer. Send a loved one (or yourself) a love letter in the style of Jane Austen. Filled with flourish and scented with sentiment, this proclamation of love and desire is handwritten with quill and ink on aged parchment paper. To personalize the experience, the contents of the letter are guided by a few key elements volunteered by you - we handle the rest.


And as to the identity of the author? Well, that's up to you. Alongside the letter, your recipient will receive a locket that may or may not reveal the sender's true identity. Is the image of you? Or perhaps it's of the sea foam crested wave where your lover lies?  Maybe it will remain a mystery with a carefully crafted question mark inside. 

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