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For those who 've already expereinced The Very Merry Christmas Contest, or for those looking for a little taste of the Meadowlark Falls universe comes  the Yulegarou Wish Kit. Meadowlark Falls is filled with small town goodness and Christmas charm so of course they have their own brand of Big Foot - The Yulegarou. This Christmas Cryptid comes once a year to accept offerings of the finest maple syrup and listen to your wishes for the year to come. Naughty or nice, the Yulegarou is there to listen to your words and shine a holiday light when things seem the darkest. 


This unique kit brought to you by the American Cryptid Research Network (A.C.R.N.) includes bonus content as a post script to the scrapbook adventure The Very Merry Christmas Contest. It great for one or two people ages 10 + and makes a great gift!

Yulegarou Wish Kit

    • One frasier fir scented tea light candle
    • One small vial of maple syrup
    • Festive matches
    • One Copper acorn bell
    • Wishes from citizens of Meadowlark Falls
    • 2 pieces of wishing paper for your own wishes
    • Yulegarou lore
    • A.C.R.N. sticker
    • Ritual Instructions
    • A few extra suprises!
  • Kit includes MATCHES and a CANDLE. Parental supervision is advised. 

    Kits will begin shipping after Decmeber 5th.

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